Even though our jewelry is made with high quality materials. You need to wear your jewelry with care for a long lasting wear! On this page you will find some extra tips & tricks to make sure your jewelry stays in the best condition!


ʕ ·ᴥ· ʔ WATER: ʕ ·ᴥ· ʔ

You can shower with our jewelry but if you want to keep your jewelry shining it is not recommended. We use stainless steel and it is for sure waterproof, but other things in the shower like soap, shampoo and other chemicals can affect your jewelry. Also keep in mind that pearls are not waterproof!


ʕ ·ᴥ· ʔ STORING & CLEANING: ʕ ·ᴥ· ʔ

To keep your jewelry clean and ready to wear, gently wipe off excess make-up & skin oils after each wearing with a dry cotton cloth. For storing keep the items in an airtight jewelry box or a soft bag. Make sure you don't leave your jewelry in the sun, this can cause oxidation.

ʕ ·ᴥ· ʔ OTHER: ʕ ·ᴥ· ʔ

Besides shampoo there are lots of other things you should be careful with. Other chemicals like perfume or hairspray, but also sweat can take damage to your pieces in the long haul. So make sure you take them off before a sweaty workout!  If you wear multiple pieces watch out for scratching or friction between them since this could affect the metals! And do not forget the worst chemical of all: CHLORINE! So please take off your items before you jump in a pool!