Ring size guide

Seeing a ring you like but don't know your size? Let me help you!


Do you already own a ring that fits to your perfect size? Then check option number one! Don't have any fitting rings? No worries! Check option number two

1. Measuring a ring you already own


- Get a ring that fits comfortably on your preferred finger

- Measure the inside diameter of the ring in MM

- Congrats you found your ring size!

2. Measuring your finger

1. Grab a piece of paper, wire or rope

2. Wrap this tightly around the desired finger

3. If your using paper mark the spot where the paper meets, if your using wire/rope hold that spot with your nail

4. Now put this next to a ruler and meet the size in MM

5. Convert your ring size with the chart provided below!

Circumference Ringsize
50 mm 16
51 mm 16,25
52 mm 16,5
53 mm 17
54 mm 17,25
55 mm 17,5
56 mm 18
57 mm 18,25
58 mm 18,5
59 mm 19
60 mm 19,25
61 mm 19,5
63 mm 20
65 mm 20,5
66 mm 21

Still confused and need some help? 

Send us a private message and we will help you find the perfect size!